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It is likely that you are visiting this website to learn more about the Berard method of auditory integration training (AIT). There are many different sound-based interventions available now and it can be difficult and confusing trying to sort through them. During your search you may encounter websites and information that claim to be Berard AIT, however, there may be differences that indicate it is not actually the Berard method.

This website will help you be able to distinguish between true Berard AIT and Berard Practitioners by teaching you some of the key features and important guidelines that are followed by Berard Practitioners. You will learn what questions to ask practitioners and how to locate a Berard AIT Practitioner.

Published Research

Research has been conducted on
Berard AIT with various
populations to look at different
effects. There are peer-reviewed

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journal publications such as the
2014 paper on the changes in
sensory modulation and behavior
following 10 days of Berard AIT,
and the large scale study with 445
subjects conducted by the Autism
Research Institute. Some studies
used audiometric measurements,
magnetoencephalography, and
EEGs to gather objective data, while
most also include behavioral ratings
to measure changes in behavior
and daily life activities.

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Why Do Berard AIT?

When a parent is faced with
finding interventions for their
child who may be struggling
with learning, developmental,


and/or behavioral problems, they
need to explore the many options
currently available and evaluate
each one. They must take into
consideration the effectiveness of
the intervention (considering
relative benefit/risk), whether it is
appropriate for their particular
child, the timing of the program
relative to other interventions that
are being done, cost and

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The Berard Method

The following is provided to
describe Berard AIT so it may be
differentiated from other sound-
based interventions. This


information is not intended to be
complete or comprehensive, but
provides key elements.
1. The practitioner is trained by an
approved Berard AIT Instructor.

2. The practitioner is using one of
the Berard AIT approved devices:
the Earducator™ or the
Audiokinetron. These are the ONLY
two devices currently approved for
Berard AIT…

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